Liqua-Lube It! or Lose It!


Beats Grease Seven Ways!

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our low-maintenance, easy to install product will not freeze, and the clear rugged cap allows for at-a-glance inspection

Over 1 million miles of testing

Liqua-Lube is proven to be a cost-effective solution for almost any type of trailer. The many benefits over grease are guaranteed to save you time and money.

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Environmentally friendly


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Unlike petroleum-based hub greases which must be disposed of according to EPA regulations, Liqua-Lube is safe for pets and children, and is 100% biodegradable.
Marine and non-marine options are available to keep that shiny chrome look on your trailer. Still allows you to visually inspect oil levels.

works with marine, snowmobile, construction, and camper trailers

Existing trailer bearing systems require "guesswork" maintenance, tedious repacking and environmental problems caused by using grease. Bearing breakdown can be seen along any highway on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Liqua-Lube is the first trailer hub lubrication system that uses liquid lubricants instead of grease. The Liqua-Lube oil bath-based trailer hub lubrication system is a superior system that protects hubs and prevents breakdowns on Marine and Non-Marine trailers, and is Environmentally Friendly. Its clear cover lets you see the lubricant level, so you'll never run out of lubricant again. The Liqua-Lube System virtually eliminates dirt and water contamination in Marine Trailers-the major causes of bearing/hub failure. Liqua-Lube oil bath-based trailer hub lubrication system also eliminates the need for messy and expensive bearing repacks. The savings over annual bearing repacks can pay back the cost of the Environmentally Friendly Liqua-Lube System in a very short time.

Chrome hub caps available

LIQUA-LUBE - Environmentally Friendly Oil Bath Based Trailer Hub Lubrication System