LIQUA-LUBE is a complete hub lubrication system designed to eliminate grease and avoid bearing breakdown. LIQUA-LUBE eliminates the guesswork of keeping wheel hubs properly lubricated.

Over 1 million miles of testing!

Marine Hub

We've been around since 1986 ... going strong

Founded in 1986 by Ken and Dee Ann Persson, Liqua-Lube takes pride in providing the original oil-bath based lubrication system for trailers of all shapes and sizes. Ken's years of experience with trailers led to the creation of this great product that is sure to save you not only time and money, but also the headache that comes with maintaining your trailer's hubs. Our product has been used and loved by our customers across the country. We look forward to helping you get the most out of you trailer for years to come.

The benefits of an oil bath-based Hub lubrication system


•Cool Running

•Easy Installation

•Tow Vehicle Fuel Savings

•Will not Freeze

•Rugged, Clear Hub Cap for "at-a-glance" inspection.

•Water Absorbing - up to 30% by volume

Environmentally Friendly

•100% Synthetic, glycol-based lubricant

•Biodegradable - Easily disposable unlike

petroleum based greases, which must be disposed of according to EPA standards.

The Liqua-Lube® Lubrication System includes everything you need for one axle, two hubs:

2-Rugged, clear caps

2-Stainless Steel Spindle sleeves

2-Spring loaded seals

Liqua-Lube® Lubricant

Easy Installation instructions

All components are American made, assembled, and packaged.

Both Marine Use and Non-Marine Use Models are available!

The Liqua-Lube Advantage

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Non-Marine Hub

The Original Product for your trailer


Liqua-Lube is the original oil-bath based hub lubrication system available for trailers. Our product is the best solution to your hub lubrication problems. The trucking industry has been using this same type of solution for over 35 years!

Our product works on just about any type of trailer you can think of, including camping, construction, marine, snowmobile, and many, many more! We are the only company that will retro-fit our product to almost any sized hub!

Liqua-Lube It! or Lose It!

LIQUA-LUBE - Environmentally Friendly Oil Bath Based Trailer Hub Lubrication System