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1. Removing wheels, disassembling wheel hubs, and repacking bearings in grease takes time and money. Most trailer manufacturers recommend repacking bearings annually. The LIQUA-LUBE® system however only requires an annual lubricant change.

2. Repacking bearings is messy. Changing LIQUA-LUBE's lubricant in your wheels hubs is clean and easy.

Liqua-Lube It! or Lose It!



Beats grease seven ways!

LIQUA-LUBE's Environmentally Friendly system is an original product, and is sure to
prove to be a better solutions than any petroleum-based grease lubrication product.
Check out the list below to see the seven ways that LIQUA-LUBE Oil Bath-Based
Trailer Hub Lubrication System beats traditional greases on trailer hubs:

3. Grease is a petroleum product and must be handled and disposed of according to EPA regulations. LIQUA-LUBE's synthetic lubricant is 100% biodegradable and has no special disposal requirements. It's also safe around children and pets.

4. There is no guarantee that grease will stay on your bearing. LIQUA-LUBE's liquid adheres to wheel bearings and continually lubricates them while in motion.

5. Grease doesn't prevent moisture from attacking bearings. LIQUA-LUBE's lubricant actually absorbs moisture and humidity to prevent bearing damage.

6. Grease doesn't prevent contamination. LIQUA-LUBE's spring-loaded, double-lip, redicoat seals keep dirt and other contaminants away from bearings.

7. LIQUA-LUBE's liquid lubricant runs cooler than grease. That means longer bearing life and lower fuel consumption.

LIQUA-LUBE - Environmentally Friendly Oil Bath Based Trailer Hub Lubrication System